01. Exported DOD-090 to Vietnam
02. Exported Alcalizer (DOD-500) to Vietnam
03. Exported Bulgarian Alkalizer (DOD-500)
04. Vietnam *** Distributor Agreement
05. Registered a patent for hydrogen water filter


01. Participated in GBSA Gyeonggi-do Vietnam Trade Promotion Team

02. Participated in the Spring Export and Import Product Trade Fair (CAN***) in Guangzhou, China 03. Participated in Jilin Fair in China
04. Participated in Ansan City's Chinese Market Development Team in Guangzhou and Qingdao
05. Exported Alkaline Hydrogen Direct Water Machine to Singapore
06. Launched household alkaline hydrogen water dispenser (DOD-800)
07. Launched alkaline reduced water (DOD-090(T) export type)


01. Portable alkaline hydrogen water generator (DOD-100, DOD-200), commercial use (DOD-2100) launched
02. Developed alkaline hydrogen water directly for home use (DOD-400)
03. Global ** DOD-400 OEM launch
04. Participated in G-FAIR Dubai
05. Developed alkaline hydrogen water dispenser (DOD-800) for home use
06. Patent application for alkaline hydrogen filter
07. Participated in the international excellent product exhibition in Liaoning, China
08. Collaboration with China's Kunming Severe Disabled Association
09. Participated in the trade promotion group of Wuhan, Xi'an, China, Gyeonggi-do


01. Obtained FDA certification for Alkalizer
02. Launched Alkaline Hydrogen Direct Water Machine (DOD-300)
03. Participated in Ansan-si US and Canadian market pioneers
04. Entered Singapore sole distributor
05. Participated in the Guangzhou Import and Export Product Trade Fair
06. Developed portable alkaline hydrogen water generator (DOD-200)


01. Alkalizer LFGB, certified
02. Participated in Harbin International Trade Exhibition
03. Participated in Malaysia and Myanmar Trade Promotion Team
04. Participated in Shenzhen Gifts Fair in China
05. Participated in Jakarta and Ho Chi Minh Trade Promotion Team


01. Started export of Alcalizer to Vietnam and Cambodia
02. Started export of Alkalizer to China
03. Alkalizer stability test completed by Korea Food Research Institute
04. Participated in the Tokyo Korea Excellent Product Exhibition
05. Participated in Russian market pioneer group in Ansan City


01. Developed a new alkalizer
02. Alkalizer Korea Chemical Convergence Testing and Research Institute (KTR) anti-bacterial activity test completed
03. Participated in export mentoring business
04. Launched new alkalizer
05. Acquired ISO9001, ISO14001 certification
06. Participated in eco-friendly exhibition
07. Participated in the Vietnam International Distribution Industry Exhibition
08. Participated in Sejong City Happy Fair


01. Participated in export conference (IBIS Hotel)
02. Global ** DOD-040 OEM supply


01. Apply for technical doctor in field difficulties
02. Participated in Hong Kong Electronic Exhibition
03. Participated in Singapore World Water Expo
04. Participated in the World Korean Business Convention


01. Recognized as a venture company of Dodream Co., Ltd.
02. Production of hybrid hot and cold reducing water
03. Participated in ENVEX2001 International Environmental Industry Technology & Green Energy Exhibition
04. Participated in ICT Roadshow 2011 (Beijing)
05. Participated in G-FAIR 2011
06. Participated in Vietnam International Store Industry Exhibition and Franchise Show 2011


01. Established Dodream Co., Ltd., a new technology development corporation
02. Completed development of electrolytic reduction water dispenser, electrolytic sterilizer, and nitrate nitrogen remover
03. Completed development of industrial wastewater treatment system
04. Soonchunhyang Medical University and industry joint R&D project carried out
05. Counseling for buyers in the Philippines and sponsorship of Antipolo Senior College
06. Patent application for alkaline filter module
07. Participated in 2010 Southeast Asia IT Trade Mission


01. Launched portable water reducer and Water Cure Inauguration of Hongji Yang as CEO of HDR Co., Ltd.
02. Started development of hybrid water reducer


01. Launched portable water reducer and Water Cure Inauguration of Hongji Yang as CEO of HDR Co., Ltd.
02. Started development of hybrid water reducer
03. Supplied global Vigen water ionizer and magnetic levitation reduction water
04. Launched magnetic levitation reduction water machine
05. Export of magnetic levitation reduction water